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College Finance

It wasn't easy.  I remember that.   I was the third kid with two more behind me.  Neither of my folks went to college, but we worked together and found a mix of Pell grants, part time jobs, tuition discounts, and student loans.  That is still the case today, only the costs have gone way up. 


Today it is quite common to see business schools collaborate with non profit organizations like StringWizards.  College recruiting efforts are changing as well.  The trend is to accept digital attachments and to deemphasize GPA/SAT numbers as less definitive of student ability to succeed in college.  The button below will take you to a social media video which the kids will individually customize.   It should open in the new window.  When it finishes use your browser to come back.

The SAT is a service of the College Board, and the SAT program regularly comes under withering criticism for skewed outcomes advantaging for-hire private tutors and more an indicator of family wealth.  Today, college applications use essay questions to help predict which students will be a best fit given admissions office preferences.  For this reason and others, we emphasize creative writing and the use of social media to promote the program or write thank you notices.

Please feel free to investigate StringWizards as a rewarding, multifaceted after school option.    We would invite such inquiry.