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What they do

  1. Lower income families are commonly denied access to quality  music education.

  2. Their goal is to bridge that gap.

  3. They offer K-12 tuition-free music programs and we assist.

Music education in Chicago schools 

Research shows students do better when they’re involved in music education from an early age. However, in the 2015-16 school year, many Chicago Public Schools (CPS) did not provide music education beyond absolute minimum required.

  • 41 percent of CPS schools did not provide 120 minutes of weekly arts instruction on average

  • Chicago’s west and south side communities had lower average ratios of art teachers to students

Source: Ingenuity “State of the Arts in Chicago Public Schools Progress Report 2015-2016”


Our School Values (A.C.E.)


Eliminate the accessibility gap to world-class music regardless of socio-economic status by providing tuition-free orchestral instruction, available in wealthy schools and community centers.


Foster community through collaboration and mentorship, by building lasting relationships with students, families, teachers and community leaders.


Empower youth to reach their full potential in music, academics and beyond by encouraging responsibility and accountability

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