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I was an angelic kid, as proven to the left.  Later I shed the wings to be a high school kid.  St. Ignatius class of 1964.

Terry HighSchool small.jpg

Then I put the wings back on at great cost.  I flew combat in Viet Nam.  Yes, that's Agent Orange.  Please pray for combat veterans everywhere and pray that you never have to send your kid off to war.  

MVC-008S copy.JPG

I spent the next 34 years in a jumbo jet, flying global air freight.  That's what my office looked like.


After my time in heavy jets, I built an experimental aircraft.  At the upper right, that is a common $15 file.  I am modifying the aft edge of the floor cutout in the left fuel tank area so the landing gear leg can retract into a dry bay that will be constructed later.  The shot to the lower left was taken during test flights.  She has almost no exterior metal parts and so no radar image and used in aerial reconnaissance.   

Best Roc 8.jpg
In Class copy.jpg

My first love is kids and violins, and trying my best to correct the economic injustices witnessed in music education.  For example, the bow at the right end is fine, all the others we were able to find and replace during field trips.  All this thanks to our donors.  

old bows copy.jpg
Terry Floor 2 copy.jpg

StringWizards is in its ninth year of operation, and growing in its impact with each passing year.

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