Draft Covid 19 Planning


On campus days will rotate with at-home and on-line ops.  StringWizards has always operated by reservation system, so that will be no change.  We are fortunate enough to have a 9 foot by 4 foot professional conference table which allows two students to be socially distanced and still work simultaneously.  Our main work table is on the opposite side of the room and at over 6 feet it will accommodate an instructor and a third student.  Surface areas and tools will be sanitized prior to each gathering, along with other safety measures as circumstances require.


This will be a mix of live Zoom sessions, and asynchronous pre-recorded sessions with inter active student/teacher discussions on topics of interest.  I am quite hopeful that this feature will allow guest speakers to visit, or allow our students to explain the functioning of StringWizards to patrons or benefactors who have expressed interest in replicating our program.  


In select instances, repairable instruments, replacement parts, and the necessary tools could be taken off campus to be accomplished at home or as part of anticipated remote learning sessions which allows parents and family members to see your work in action, and be a part of photo recording.      


What is less clear is how shop sessions might be paused  during the expected  fall flu season, and how the school administration might restrict extracurricular  activity.

Mr. Miles will turn 74 during the fall semester, and this too deserves everyone's adherence to published rules of sanitation and distancing until a vaccine can be found.  



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