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Violin Repair

Non Profit Management 

Financial Literacy for College

A Program in Two Segments

  • Violin Repair

  • Non Profit Management 

The mission of StringWizards is to assist orchestral and ensemble music programs serving income disadvantaged populations by specifically addressing instrument procurement and maintenance.  Orchestral music is not available in Chicago public school system because of this cost obstacle among several others. Taken as a whole, our parts and labor contributions and our no-fee lease program annually provide over $20,000 in savings to St. Ignatius and our other client orchestras.   


Sadly, I once had a faculty member refer to our program as tinkering.  Something like an after-school bicycle repair club only with violins.  Correcting that notion is one reason why I spend time with the website. 


StringWizards, Inc (EIN 85-3208251) is are a fully accredited Illinois state Non Profit Corporation.  Seventy percent of the instruments in our 200 plus donated inventory is by design in need of repair, so it is difficult to assess value to that portion. We also have a significant inventory of precision tools and clamps, parts, power equipment and shop furnishings that is on loan to us.  We also have a five figure expense account with Fidelity Investments for interested interns to manage and review. 



Whether today's lesson is in instrument repair or non-profit management, both are examples of engage learning and resume additions that will draw the attention of an enrollment department or future employers.



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