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It wasn't easy.  I remember that.   I was the third kid with two more behind me.  Neither of my folks went to college, but we worked together and found a mix of Pell grants, part time jobs, tuition discounts, and student loans.  That is still the case today, but much more is out there now and findable due to the internet.  String Wizard's focus includes approaching our donors, especially those with an interest in civic health. It is their concern that has pushed higher education to rethink its business school offerings to include more non profit inclusion, particularly project based collaborations with community partners to foster broader civic outcomes, outcomes which the old guard academic world had long ignored. 

College recruiting efforts are changing as well.  The trend is to accept digital attachments and to deemphasize numeric GPA's and even SAT scores as being less reliable indicators of college success.  The button below will take you to a social media video which the kids will individually customize.   It should open in the new window.  When it finishes use your browser to come back.

The SAT is a service of the College Board, and it is moving to reform itself, but the SAT has come under withering criticism for skewed test outcomes based on family wealth.  Today, college applications often include the more extensive use of essay questions to help predict which students will be a best fit, based on admission office preference.  

AP has its place, but I am not a fan of an overly zealous approach to AP participation at the expense of just being a kid.  At St. Ignatius, there are many after school choices that offer a fun and rewarding addition to a high school experience.  It is possible for students to overload themselves with too many activities at once.  Like the photo on this page suggests, helping them to see or ignore menu choices can be a help.  "Leave it to the kids," would be my advice, but please consider StringWizards as a multifaceted option with positive consequences for your family and for other families as well.      

I derive no income from this, and there are no fees.  You will be invited to join with the other parents for potluck dinner night, or to help with field trip transportation needs as these opportunities arise.  


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