"Hands On" Opportunities: 

Actual Cash Management

Asset Allocation

Crypto Currency

Accounting and Taxes

  • Endowment Management

    • Cash​

    • Stock Market Allocation

    • Crypto Currency

(This page is a work in progress.  If you want to help, write me.)

For years StringWizards never had a bank account.  I am personally often credited with being creative to have shepherded all we have today, but the truth be told, it was from all the unexpected people who came forward.  Half of them were strangers at the time. I am a big fan of Matthew 7 about "knock and the door will be opened."  That's the story of StringWizards: Door knocking.  

Or let me take you to Matthew 25 and the story of the master giving the servants some talents to invest in his absence.  I could easily have been the guy who buried his one talent. I remember when the Hoopers offered me my first big donation check, I wanted to turn it down.  Thanks, Keith and Linda.  They are experience and history behind this page.      


   While by law I keep some constraints, if you become a StringWizard, and if you choose to step into this aspect of our operation, you will literally be shepherding a portion of our Hooper endowment.  Think of it like many doors to choose from.  Do your own investment research and your own knocking.  We currently have over $20,000 in a variety of investments including blockchain technology. 

The Master will hand you lots of talents across your Ignatius years. Don't bury them, and may Holy Spirit guide you in your door selections.